Our Team


I’m Eleanor – dog mom, blogger, caregiver and native Arkansan. I moved to northwest Arkansas in 2005, and have considered it my hometown ever since. I began my life here as a newspaper reporter – a time when I got to know and love the Bentonville-Rogers area, including the wonderful people who help build this community every day.

Sadly, my job became obsolete with the influx of online media, so in 2009, I made a big change in my life that led to starting Awkward Paws. Being without pets myself, I began taking care of my friends’ pets when they were away.

I  adopted a wonderful mutt named Sebastian in 2010. I wanted Sebastian to be the best dog he could be, so I made sure Sebastian graduated from three training classes. Through this experience, I learned about dog behavior – particularly the issues dogs have with anxiety and how to overcome it. My caregiving extended beyond animals in 2012, when my mother was diagnosed with renal disease. I am now a live-in caregiver for my mother, and caring for animals has been a wonderful way to balance my life.seabass

I became a bonded and insured professional petsitter for a Fayetteville-based company in 2013, and began turning something I did for the therapeutic experience into a career. I opened Awkward Paws in July 2015 with the goal of building relationships with businesses and clients in the Bentonville-Rogers area.

I love this place and all the creatures here. My job has given me many friends and many Paws to keep me going each day. In addition to the many hats I’ve worn, I hold a BA in Sociology from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas.


Hello, Ierinn‘m Erinn! I’m the manager at Awkward Paws. I’m a 20-something female with bipolar disorder who began this journey with Eleanor since before the inception of Awkward Paws. Eleanor and I worked for the same pet sitting company prior to Awkward Paws and we quickly became friends. We realized Eleanor’s dream would be to have her own pet sitting business.

After many pow-wows and days of frustration, we decided to launch a pet sitting company. I am beyond thrilled to be on this adventure with her.

I have a young dog-child named Gwen who is my partner in all things. She has beegwen1n by my side for 4 years and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I am so much better for having her. I have learned an amazing amount about myself and dogs. We both have our issues but have a come a long way and continue to learn and grow on a daily basis. After many hours of training and classes, Gwen has had Obedience and Behavior modification for her separation anxiety and is a certified Canine Good Citizen!

Awkward Paws in a true extension of myself. It is hard to believe I haven’t always been in a pet sitting business with Eleanor. I hope my passion and care shows so everyone can see what Awkward Paws is all about!