I c2015-07-24_1933annot say enough about Awkward Paws Pet and in particular Eleanor and Erinn. I don’t have children so my pooch, Shanny is my baby. I have had Shanny for 6 years and in all that time i worked from home. I got a new job and have to go into an office and could not have done that without the help of “Aunt Eleanor” and “Aunt Erinn” They not only take care of Shannon as if she was theirs, they anticipate her needs-she is extremely afraid of thunderstorms and when the weather gets bad they reach out to me to tell me they are heading over to take care of Shanny during the storms. I can’t imagine trusting my precious baby to anyone else! – Debbi R.

Rowdy loves Awkward Paws Pet Care because the service allows him to get his full 30 hours of rest per day in the comfort of his own home. – Meghan W.